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   I finally made it out to pick up the truck camper (a 2004
Northern Lite 10-2000 RR)!  I left Stockbridge, GA on
Tuesday, December 26th, at 3 AM and made it out to
western Kansas the first day (stayed in Oakley, KS). I woke
up early and made it to 5 Star RV in Henderson, Colorado
at 8:30 AM on Wednesday. They installed the Torklift
frame mounted tie downs and wired the truck for the
camper plug while I did my camper inspection. The
inspection took me about 2 hours and I found a few items
that they rectified for me. I also purchased, and had them
install, a Torklift supertruss hitch system while I was out
   I left 5 Star around 1:30PM and made it back to middle
Kansas where I slept in the camper for about 3 hours then it
was back on the road! I ended up arriving back home in
Georgia at 8PM on Thursday, the 28th of December. 3000
miles in 3 days!!! Wow, that was fast. But I did get back
out of Denver before their second major snowstorm of the
year. I had planned on camping nearby the dealership but
decided I better get the h*** out of Dodge (in this case
Denver) as fast as I could. From what I saw on the news
when I arrive home it was a good decision. The news said
there were over 1000 people stranded at the airport a day
after I left!
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