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Lake Tobesofkee with the Cosby's
   The Cosby's invited us down to Lake Tobesofkee, which is near Macon, GA, to go boating with them in
a "boat parade" called The Boat Crawl.  It was pouring when we left to go the 1 hour south and we
thought "What are we doing?!@#$%????????  We're going to get
soaked!".  I'm glad we went because
we had a great time and the weather was gorgeous!  Amazing what an hour south can do for the weather.
Their boat even took home the coveted "Most Obnoxious"  prize - A little trophy and a free lunch at the
Fish'n Pig.  The prize of "most creative" went to a pontoon boat that looked like a race car.  The "most
likely to sink" winner actually did sink!  It was a jon boat that was being towed behind a ski boat (sorry no
   After the parade the Cosby's took us on a cruise around the lake and the kids were able to do some
swimming.  You'll note I said
the kids were able to do some swimming.  I thought the water temp was still
a little cool for a full body dunking!  
   After getting back to the dock we went to the aforementioned
Fish'n Pig for dinner.  It was excellent.  
We didn't even have to wait that long to get seated.  That was amazing in itself because the place was
mobbed due to The Boat Crawl.
April 26, 2008
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