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MYA Mighty Mite Georgia Bulldog 2007 Cheerleading Champions!
Let’s hear it for the MYA Mighty Mite Georgia Bulldog cheerleaders for winning the 2007 HCYFL (Henry County
Youth Football League) cheerleading competition!!! They bested 7 other teams to bring home the first place trophy.
It was an all day event but we had several children in different divisions that we were cheering for so it didn’t
seem as long as I thought it would be. After Ashley’s division was done I thought they were in the top three.
They announced the third place then the second place. You could cut the tension with a knife. I got goose
bumps waiting for the decision. It was so exciting! Then they after an unbelievably long pause the announced
the Mighty Mite Georgia Bulldog’s!!! Pandemonium!! Dancing in the streets!!!!
Coach Kristen's expression says it
It was such a tremendous feeling! It’s hard to describe. I would like to thank Coach Kristen and Coach Kara
for giving up so much of their time and for their tireless dedication to our children. They thought up a great
routine with the perfect amount of difficulty (even though it was quite distressing when Karly did her “flop”!).
Karly doing the flop:
November 2007
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