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What is Skyskiing?
To know what skyskiing is first you have to know what a skyski is.  "The Sky Ski is a towable hydrofoil sit-down high-
performance water ski type product."
The board is similar to the size of a wakeboard but it has 3 foot hydrofoil sticking out below and a seat that you sit on like a
chair.  You are seat-belted onto the seat and your feet are strapped onto the board.  I also advise that you purchase some
CINCH FootStays to make you’re your feet don’t ever come loose from the board.  Believe me, you don’t want that foil
flying around because you took a header and your feet slipped out of the bindings that came with the Skyski (I am talking
from experience!).  Then when you get going and lean back, you can leave the surface of the water and actually be going on
the hydrofoil.  Hydrofoilers call this “flying” because it literally feels like you are flying.
The best part of a skyski, the wing, which supports the rider, actually glides below the surface of the water providing the
smoothest ride you'll ever get on a towable.  It doesn't matter how choppy the water conditions are the skyski smoothes it all
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