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Add Electric Heat
   When heating the camper I didn’t like the idea of always having to be wasting my LP gas
(most times when we go camping at a park all the sites will have full hookups including
electricity anyway). Netboy, an member, had a great idea (one of many) to install an
electric forced air furnace. A Cadet 1000 watt electric heater was just the ticket. No concern
with it tipping over like the small ceramic heaters because it gets mounted right into the wall.
Being mounted also alleviates any tripping hazard. My generator being a 2000 watt unit won’t
have any problem with it either. The only spot in the camper which would accommodate it
(9” by 12”) was right next to the oven. So out came the tools. It can keep the camper nice
and warm and it is VERY quiet. Not like the tick, tick, tick, WHOOSH of the gas furnace.
Update:  While surfing the
forum I came across a post about
thermostats.  The one I
purchased was around $60
because it was programmable.  
Honeywell makes a RLV310A
which is non-programmable for
$20 less.  Seeing that I never
program the thermostat I could
have saved a few bucks.  
January 2007
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