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Cadet Thermostat
The Cadet heater didn’t come with any sort of temperature indicator
making you have to guess what you set the temperature at. So, along
the same lines as the camper “Thermostat upgrade”, I added a “fan
forced heater” thermostat (Honeywell RLV430). You cannot just add
any thermostat either. Make sure that it is “line voltage” capable (made
“For baseboards, convectors and fan forced heaters”). Out of several
home improvement stores I perused, Home Depot was the only one to
carry a line voltage thermostat, and only one model at that.

Just isolate the power wires running to the installed thermostat and
splice in the new thermostat wires (see "Cadet digital thermostat" in the
photo album for more pix). And Voila’! Now I’m able to set the exact
temperature that I prefer and know that it will remain within a degree or
two.  Dave.
   Update:  While surfing the forum I came across a post about these type of thermostats.  
The one I purchased was around $60 because it was programmable.  Honeywell makes a
which is non-programmable for $20 less.  Seeing that I never program the thermostat I could have
saved a few bucks.
January 2007
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