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Camper Centering Guides and 2" Foam
     I found yet another great idea on the truck camper forum for an alignment guide. Spott’s idea ( Spott's
post )– one of many.  I just modified his idea using materials I had lying around the shop. The plastic “guides” are
actually UHMW polyethylene (“A tough, wear resistant plastic that combines an incredibly low coefficient of
friction with outstanding impact strength.”) which I purchased from Woodcraft. I also used UHMW blocks for the
bumpers on the front of the camper (
Longer Front Stop Blocks). Now all I have to do is get the camper “mostly”
centered and the guide blocks do the rest. As Spott did, I glued the 2” foam to the bottom of our camper to further
reduce the number of steps it requires to get loaded and go. Before I glued the foam I painted the edges with 2
coats of “Kilz” to hide the pink insulation. Now loading the camper has become much easier.             
March 2007
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