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Electric Water Heater
Seeing that we will most likely be doing quite a bit of CG camping I didn’t want to be wasting all that propane
keeping the water hot. Found the idea for an add-on electric water heating element from It’s called the Hott
Rod Water Heater Conversion System.  You simply take out your drain plug and install a heating element into your
existing hot water heater. It takes about 45-90 minutes for the water to reach full temperature with the Hott Rod
alone so I’ll use both heaters to achieve full temp and then electric only to maintain it.

Hot water heater access was achieved by first removing the oven and then the top half of the insulating cover
(Styrofoam). Rough up a spot and clean with alcohol then affix the thermostat to the side of the tank. Now, just
run the wires between the incoming power, heater switch, thermostat, and heating element.

It did indeed take about an hour for the water to get hot on its own but no more wasting propane when most
campsites have electricity already figured into the price.
January 2007
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