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Furnace Trouble
   This isn't so much a project (even though it took quite a bit of time) as much as a repair story. When I
picked up the TC in Denver right after Christmas everything worked great. I get back to Atlanta and the
furnace doesn’t work. I checked everything (electrode, burner, sail switch, etc.). It would light and run for
about 7 seconds and then cut out. After I found out how that one side of a manometer (flow gauge) is vented
to the atmosphere it was “epiphany time” – maybe it might be the fact that the LP pressure was adjusted at
over 5000 feet elevation (took me several days to come up with that one). Atlanta is about 800 feet (give or
take). I made a manometer (got the idea on the web) and found out that the w.c. (water column) was 9.0 (one
stove burner lit). So I adjusted it up to 11.0. Then I went inside thinking I was all set and NOTHING! Exact
same problem as before. So now I’m thinking circuit board. I figure I’ll try one more thing. Now I still have the 1
burner on the stove going, so I go back out and watch the manometer when the furnace kicks in. It drops to
10.0. When the furnace is sucking gas for the second start attempt I crank it back up to 11.0. EUREKA !!!!
The furnace is burning away!! I had no idea that the pressure would be so critical. Evidently, it is. It has lit
many times since without any problems. Thought this might be good “need to know” for others with future
furnace troubles.

Here are a couple of links relating to propane:

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And here are some great sites for troubleshooting your furnace woes. :)

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January 2007
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