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Generator External Fuel Tank
  The Honda eu2000i generator only has a 1.1 gallon gas tank. At the rated load of
2000 watts it’s supposed to run for 4 hours. Not exactly all night. Read another
from and decided that was the ticket. I did pretty much what was in the post
with the exception that I ran my siphon line through the side of the tank. Anyone
ever make a ship in a bottle? Very similar in concept and frustration level, but I
really wanted to use an upright gas tank so I would be able to be store it in the same
compartment as the generator.

  I purchased and installed the same tach / hour meter as the aforementioned poster
but I ran the wiring inside the generator shell for a more streamlined / professional

  I wanted to still be able to use the gas cap that came with the generator so I
purchased another cap (Honda p/n 17620-ZE7-000) that goes on an HR216
commercial mower. It doesn’t fit perfectly but it’s airtight after I replaced the gasket
(vented) that it came with.

  I should be able to run the generator for about 24 hours (6 gallons X 4 hours per
gallon = 24 hours). Now that’s more like it!
January 2007
Luv2skyski's Camper Page
      I never really liked the plastic gas container.  The bulkhead fitting where it goes through the container never felt “solid”.  
A metal gas can was needed.  I just put the fitting into the gas cap.  All I have to do is remember to loosen the cap a little bit
to vent the can.