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Maxxair Turbomaxx
While traveling down the road I didn’t want the pupper to get too hot. Unfortunately, the a/c unit it 110 volts so that
wasn’t an option. I opted for the Maxxair Turbomaxx 1200T (3 speed reversible fan with a thermostat). “MaxxAir's
Turbo/Maxx with thermostat provides maximum ventilation even when it rains. A quiet, three speed fan allows
selection of intake or exhaust operation. A powerful 4-amp motor and 12" diameter, 10-blade fan easily removes
musty air, smoke, or cooking odors and stops heat build-up. Simply adjust the thermostat to your desired setting
and your Turbo/Maxx will cycle on and off to maintain it...rain or shine!”. And they’re right. It’s very quiet and
moves a lot of air. We’ll see how well it keeps the dog cool.
   Follow-up:  After figuring out that no matter how much hot air (Georgia air!)
you bring in it's still just that - hot air.  Still way to warm for Bandit.  While
traveling in the summer, whenever we checked on him he would just be panting
Second try for keeping the Great Bandito cool.
June 2007
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