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Norcold Fridge Reset Procedure
   Another info page (Not exactly a project). I had a problem with our fridge showing the dreaded
"NO CO" message. This can be caused by many reasons not all of them bad (e.g. very hot day - not
enough air flow at back of fridge). For those of you who wish to attempt it, here is the
Norcold reset
procedure which was acquired on the forums.

   Access the rear of the fridge thru the vent cover outside and remove the circuit board cover.
There will be a a 16 pin connector right in front of you. Make a jumper about 4-5 inches long and
(with power on) insert 1 end in the # 15 pin location which is normally vacant(top row, second from
left). Touch other end to one of the three grounds at the bottom right corner of the board (white
wire). Hold for 10-15 seconds. You should hear a click as the control resets. If the fridge does not
cool down and go thru a full cooling cycle this could be an indication of other problems such as a
faulty cooling unit. If that occurs you should take it in to be checked further.
January 2007
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