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"RV Port"
Luv2skyski's Camper Page
      Here is what the top of the
camper looked like before the
RVPort.  The white area's are
where I already cleaned.  
      To set the scene, our back yard is just one big hill. We've been required to do a lot to have any sort of level
surface (like the detached garage).

     I've always believed that you should park anything you want to keep in a nice condition under some sort of
cover or in a garage. When I gas up our boat someone inevitably walks over and says “Nice boat. What year is
it?” I love the reaction when I tell them it’s a ’94. It’s still in great shape which I mostly attribute to keeping it
garaged. Same goes for the camper. I wanted a place to keep the sun and leaves off of it.

     Well, we finally achieved a flat spot for our TC. I gotta tell ya it was a real pain (not to mention nerve
racking) removing and installing the camper on that hill (the camper was on relatively level ground right in front
of the garage but I had to raise the camper way up in the air to get the truck out from under - of course I
couldn't get anything out the garage without moving the camper either). But now no more white knuckles putting
the camper on and off and the leaves and sun are no longer a concern. The top height of our camper while on
the truck is 12’ 2”, 3 feet from the edge (a/c unit). The “rv"port is 20’ x 26’ with 10 foot legs. I have plenty of
room to back under and remove the camper with this size of a carport. Dave.