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Replace Camper Battery Charger
The charger that came with the camper just charged the battery at a constant
13.8 volts irregardless of the battery condition (known to boil the electrolyte out
of your battery). I decided (using Netboy’s recommendation) to replace it with a
charger/converter that had a “smart” charging controller. Because I have two 6
volt batteries the Inteli-Power PD9160V 60 amp converter with Charge Wizard
was more in line with what was needed. It fit with room to spare (good for
cooling) into the original converter breakout box.

“The Charge Wizard is a microprocessor-controlled unit that constantly
monitors the RV battery voltage and then selects one of three charging voltages
and one of four operating modes to properly re-charge or maintain the RV
battery. The addition of the Charge Wizard makes your 9100 Series converter
an intelligent battery charger that will safely and rapidly recharge a discharged
battery by selecting the Boost Mode (14.4V) of operation. Once the battery
reaches 90% of full charge, the Charge Wizard automatically selects the Normal
Mode (13.6V) to safely complete the charge. The Storage Mode (13.2V) is
automatically selected after 30 hours of non-use of the 12-volt RV electrical
systems. The lower charging voltage in the Storage Mode of operation reduces
battery gassing and water usage, while maintaining the charge. Every 21 hours
when the system is operating in the Storage Mode, the Charge Wizard will
automatically switch to the Equalizing Mode of operation. The Equalizing Mode
increases the charging voltage up to 14.4 volts for 15 minutes. This increased
voltage mixes up the battery electrolyte and prevents battery stratification and
the resulting problems of battery sulfation.”

Wow! What a mouthful! You never want stratification or sulfation problems!
I acquired the info for this
project from
January 2007
Luv2skyski's Camper Page