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Weber Q 200 Storage
  I ran into the problem of not having a storage compartment big enough for
a portable grill. I didn't want the grill in the camper because of the smell. We
received a Weber Q 200, rolling storage bag, and rolling stand for Christmas.
I thought "Great!" now where am I going to store it? A simple solution came
to mind. I just modified a 1" ratchet strap (removed the rubber "s" hooks and
reattached the strap directly to the ratchet) so that I could slide the strap
between the sliding dinette table and the table base. You cannot smell a thing
through the Weber bag and it doesn't take up any floor space. That is our 6'
folding table stored on the aft side of the dinette and the rolling grill cart in the
large yard bag in the front. Dave.
  After looking at the present storage location of our grill (strapped to the dinette), I came to the conclusion
that if we’re ever on the road and want to stop and have a sandwich in the camper we would not have
anywhere to sit. So I started thinking that if we could securely mount it over on the counter with the stove
that wouldn't  interfere with the dinette (and I doubt we would ever want to use the stove en-route). I screwed
a couple of webbing tie downs into the framing underneath the oven’s cook top. Then I fed the 1” ratchet
strap through the tie downs and closed the lid (I had to file down the sharp edges of the cook top so they
wouldn’t cut the strap). And finally the grill secured (note the removed stove control knobs thanks to
Weber Q 200 Storage 2nd Revision
January 2007
June 2007
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