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Bald Ridge COE
Cumming, GA
05-23-2008 thru 05-26-2008
Luv2skyski's Camper Page
    Dave, Kim, Ashley, Rob, Jen, Emma, Trevor, Brian, Renee, Ethan

Campground Rating:  
    5 (out of 5)

Rating reasons / About the campground:  
    Great location on Lake Lanier, easy to get to, relatively small cove to park the boat in, no camp store (shop
n’ rob within a mile – grocery store close), most sites clean, level, and good size (site 33 had a big pine tree right
where your awning would come out - ?? neighbor pointed that out), bath house within walking distance, nice
beach (if water wasn’t so low), several playgrounds, large open feel to campground (large play area near site 26
(Rob’s), only complaint – fire rings level with the ground (every time it rained you had to bail out the ring to
have a fire), easy campground to ride a bike through – very small hills, short hiking path around one of the

Campsite number:  
    32 (Rob on 26, Brian on 27

About our trip:  
    I drove the camper and boat to work and left right after the bell to try to beat the Memorial Day traffic
(Ashley and Emma had cheerleading tryouts at 6:30pm Friday night (FRIDAY NIGHT BEFORE MEMORIAL
DAY WEEKEND!  WHY!!!  ONLY MYA DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT! (sorry about the rant)) so
Rob, Jen, Kim, Ashley, Emma, and Trevor would be coming up after.  I was mostly successful in beating the
rush.  I arrived around four to a chilly welcome.  Older couple at the entrance booth who obviously had better
things to do.  Just not very friendly.  When Jen’s Mom showed up Saturday afternoon, she pulled right up to
the window thinking it wouldn’t take long to get a car pass.  The male attendant told her to “Back up and park
off to the side, then I’ll help you”.  What a butthead!  It only took a minute to give her a pass.  I guess you get
what you pay for (most camp host’s are volunteers who get free camping for their time).  Once there, I did a
little drive through the campground then took the dogs on a walk for personal reasons.  Come to find out, two
sites down I see a fellow Deltoid I used to work with at Delta North.  Small world!  It’s hard to believe that
Lake Lanier is still over 13 feet low!
    As soon as I uncovered the boat to moor it in the lake, a thunderstorm came raging in.  I decided this was as
good a time as any to have dinner.  Bandit, Winston, and I had some great quality time together.  Once the
storm passed, I went back out to a boat full of water and pine tree needles.  Good thing I covered it up for the
     The campground closes the gate at 10:30.  The rest of the clan was
rather late getting to the campground (I’m not going to get into the reason
for that again!) so…do you see where I’m going with this?  While I was
helping Brian set up his camper, my cell phone started ringing.  Seems
some folks were lost so I handed the phone over to Brain who was much
more familiar with the area.  They finally arrived at 10:35 to a locked gate.  
Luckily, the campground host was located right next to the entrance.  Out
they come with their aforementioned bubbly, cheerful personality.  The
nice old grandmother had a snide comment about people should learn to get
here on time.  Warms your heart to see such a nice old couple doesn’t it?  
Seems Rob got into a cul-de-sac that was a little tight.
    Here's some pix of the boat moored in the cove.  Thank God for this 4-inch stump.  If it wasn’t there I would have
needed 150 feet of rope to reach a tree.  Now is a good time to reiterate how much I love
The Anchor Buddy.  It’s the
best invention to keep your boat off the shore.  I use a
Fortress FX-7 anchor.  A great anchor (only 4 pounds) with
incredible holding power – I’ve never had it let go.
      After breakfast on Saturday, we moseyed out to the lake for some boating.  I assumed the lake would be rough
because of the holiday weekend and I wasn’t disappointed.  We were able to find a cove with some good water but most
of the weekend was spent dragging the kids around in the tube.  We only had one afternoon thunderstorm (which put a
damper (HA!) on our lunch) the whole weekend.  
    After we came back in from the lake one time we entered our camper and HOLY COW it was cold.  53 degrees!  It
was in the mid 80’s outside.  Poor little pupper.  Seems the thermostat on out Polar Cub air conditioner failed in the
“need more cold” position.  (I found out on Tuesday that the warranty was for two years.  Hooray!   I called the
manufacturer expecting them to mail me a new thermostat.  They told me I could take it to any local rv stealership and it
would be taken care of under warranty.  After the local place told me “Maybe we could work you in on Monday”, I
looked the part up online.  Found one from
PPL Motorhomes for less than $30 delivered so instead of going through the
hassle I just ordered it.  Hopefully, it comes in before our next trip.)
    While we’re on the subject of aggravating aspects of the trip here’s another one…these two
little creatures just kept barking when they were left outside (when the owners went to the site
next door or disappeared into their camper – evidentially their hearing wasn’t as acute as
ours).  After we yelled at them several times, to “SHUT UP!” the owners finally got a clue and
we didn’t hear from them again.  They sure look cute in the picture though, don’t they.
    Right next to Rob’s camper, this little lady made a nice home out of a pine
tree which started out forked but ended up growing back together leaving the
perfect shelter for her three babies.
      Had a great trip.  Wish the water could have been a little calmer but that was
expected.  We even got to leave our campers on our sites for a little longer on Monday
because no one was scheduled for those spots (normal checkout at a COE is 3 pm.).  
Ended up heading home around 5:30.  Even saw another fellow TC'er even though we
didn't get a chance to talk to him.