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Bobby Brown State Park
Elberton, GA
06-05-2008 thru 06-08-2008
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    Dave, Gary, Laurie, Stevie, Dylan, Tracy, Morgan, Brandon, Scott, Kelly, Courtney, Scotty, Megan, Paul, Alison,
Brittany, Jamie, Jessica, Shannon, Kelly, Scott, Beth, Christian, Mike, Helen, Kevin, Cameron

Campground Rating:  
    5 (out of 5)

Rating reasons / About the campground:  
    Nice campground, clean sites (most are flat), nicely situated on the water, well protected cove, well stocked camp store
(10+ miles to grocery store and gas), clean bathrooms, Clyde’s shed (large enclosed pavilion – very hot inside), short hiking
path with small lookout tower (much in need of a hammer to reseat a lot of nails), a little hilly for riding a bike  

Campsite number:  

About our trip:  
    Unfortunately, Kim and Ashley had to bail on the camping trip because Ashley’s softball banquet was scheduled for
Saturday at 1 pm.  She also had a birthday party to go to on Friday night.  Both of these events popped up on our screen
well after we made our reservations.  I ended up “purchasing” an early-out with a cheesecake from Sam’s Club and arrived
at the campground about 4:30.  Only took a little while to get the boat moored and the camper set-up.  It sure was nice to do
a very minimalistic set-up because I was “bach”ing it! (Sorry honey)  After dinner (pork sandwiches – YUM!), we were able
to do a little skyskiing and water skiing.
    A little information about Clarks Hill Lake:  At the northern end of the lake it is very stumpy from where they just
“topped” the trees before they damned up the river.  If you stay near the channel markers, you shouldn’t have anything to
worry about.  It’s supposed to be great fishing because of all the stumps.  We even had an osprey nest right across the way
from the campground.  What a magnificent bird!  She was a little peeved when we came over for a picture.
    The weather was incredible.  Not a drop of rain the whole weekend (and you wonder why the lake was down 10 feet!)
and the high temps were as follows:  Thursday – 95, Friday – 96, Saturday – 96, Sunday – 97!  (Bruce…you might not
want to come down this way during the summer months with that non-air conditioned camper of yours!!!)
     Friday started out with the lake like glass
then the wind came up for some of the
afternoon, which we were able to turn into “tube-
time”.  Unfortunately, Paul’s boat took a dump
(literally) when his power steering system lost all
of its fluid into the bilge.  Now were down to
two boats and a horde of adolescents.  
Overcome, adapt!  Right?  No problem.  We
found a great cove with an awesome sandy
beach.  The beach dropped off very rapidly into
deep water, which was perfect for learning how
to water ski.  The wind dropped off just in time
for the low country boil.  Delicious!  About an
hour (same amount of time it took the fire in my
mouth to go out!) later we had the adults versus
the kids softball extravaganza.  The game was
played in the “where the water is supposed to
be” cove.  I stubbed my toe on a stick and when
I tried break it off with the bottom of my foot
(just wearing water shoes) I found out it was
actually a rusty stake.  I ended up breaking it off
with a large rock but that didn’t make the
bottom of my foot feel any better!  (Helped my
pride though.)  ME BREAK WITH BIG
     There wasn’t the slightest breeze on Saturday.  We had a great day on the lake.  I
had a good time teaching some of the more adventurous types how to skyski.  That’s
always good for some laughs!  Alison brought these things called “wake-skis” which
were different but a lot of fun.  We also did a lot of tubing.  You know you had a great
day on the lake when someone has to come tell you to get off the water so you can eat
your dinner!  Steak!  Thanks everyone for cooking for us (me).  I really appreciate it.  
(Now don’t go thinking the wrong way…I did bring my share of the food and I also
cooked breakfast for everyone on Friday and Saturday mornings.)
    Sunday morning we awoke to the dust settling on site 52 where Gary and Laurie had packed up and fled.  (Relax…I’m
just teasin!)  After breakfast, The Great Bandito and I went on a nice stroll on the hiking trail.  Most everyone packed up
and left except for Alison, Paul, myself, and the girls.  We ended up staying until around 1 pm doing some boating, tubing,
and skiing.
     I did see a couple of
funny (strange) things
while traveling.  One was
this sign encouraging one
to vote for the sheriff.  
Me thinks they don’t
have a lot of candidates
to choose from.  
    The other one was this
rural gas station.  I asked
the attendant about it and
he said the pump didn’t
come with the number 3 or
4 in the dollar column!  Too
funny (actually rather
     Another strange thing occurred to me.  I wake up Monday morning, do my exercises, eat breakfast, make my
lunch, make Ashley’s lunch, then hop in the shower where, when toweling off, I proceed to pull a muscle in my back!  
Find myself on the bathroom floor.  The only way I could get my breath!  After a weekend of a lot of physical activity,
mind you!  Two days on the couch with an ice pack on my back and I’m back at work (still sore).  Very strange how
things work out.  
A few more miscellaneous pictures: