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Ohio Valley TC Weekend V
Grand Lake St. Marys State Park
St. Mary’s, OH
05-16-08 thru 05-18-08
Luv2skyski's Camper Page
Luv2skyski”:  Dave, Kim, Ashley, & (Bandit)
Spott”:  Bruce, Kim, & (Spot)
    Bruce's Mom:  Ann
Dseckt”:  Dan and Cindy
CDL2”:  Chuck, Pat, & (Daisy)
routeforty”: Gary, Marie, & (Victor)
Mr. Tree”:  Steve, & (Mindy)
joe_jeep”:  Joe and Dianna

Campground Rating:  5 (out of 5)

Rating reasons / About the campground:  Lots of space, adequate bathrooms, some campsites near the water, nicely
protected lagoon, boat slips a little short but plentiful, boat ramp right in the lagoon (too steep), small but well stocked
camp store (the town of St Marys very close), nice lake (from the little we saw of it!), there was at least one hiking trail
that we attempted but it was too muddy to continue (supposed to be about a mile long), mini golf, tricycle rentals, canoe

Campsite number:  181
   About our trip:  We left around 10 AM Thursday morning and arrived at our
friends (Tracy and Melinda) house a little after 6 PM.  Melinda made us a great
baked spaghetti dinner.  Excellent!  We left in the morning and headed to Bass Pro
Shops in Cincinnati where we didn’t spend a thing (you’re kidding! – No I’m not!!).  
   We arrived at St Marys around 1:30.  We met some of the other members
then we put the boat in the water.  Right now I would like to sum up our on water
adventure – W I N D Y !!!!!!!  The water was so choppy from the time we put in to
the time we loaded it back on the boat that no one even tried to go skiing.  We only
went on one real cruise the whole weekend, and that was a spray soaked endeavor
in itself.
      We did have a great time
meeting the other truck camper
members.  Thanks are required
for Bruce who gave a shout out
to one of the administrators
and acquired a bunch of t-shirts
and other goodies for the rally.  
   Thanks are also needed for Gary and Marie who provided a great omelet breakfast on Saturday morning.  They
had this crazy idea about cooking all the ingredients in Ziploc backs in boiling water!  Turns out - it worked great!  
Very entertaining and delicious!
      After lunch on Saturday, Kim, Ashley,
Tanaka (Bruce’s “little brother” (Bruce is a
Big Brother)) and I went on a hike with
Bandit.  Unfortunately, the path turned out to
be mostly mud.  On to plan “B”.  We went
over to the camp store and rented some
putters and played a round of mini-golf.  Kim
beat me by one stroke!  Grrrrrr.  I’ll get her
next time.  Then we played on one of the
many play grounds for a few minutes before
heading back.  
      We had a pot luck supper Saturday night and as always seems to be the case, there was way to much food.  
Thanks everyone for all the great fixins.  
   We already had the boat back on the trailer and covered Saturday afternoon (because it didn’t seem like the wind was
going to die down) so we left early (8AM) on Sunday morning.  We put our garbage bag on the boat’s swim platform
intending to dump it on the way out.  (I’m sure you can see where this is going…)  Bruce made a joke about forgetting it
back there.  Well, it seems a bag full of empties and other garbage will travel nicely for over 12 miles before it is
remembered!  We passed a dumpster and Kim shouted out “WE FORGOT TO DUMP THE GARBAGE!!!!!!!”.   At
this point I pulled over and there it still sat.  Unbelievable!  I put it in the camper and we tossed it when we stopped for
   It took us just over 12 hours to get home.  Of course, we stopped several times which didn’t help.  Kentucky
seemed to be the worst part of the trip due to the hail producing thunderstorm (no damage) and the 30 minute traffic
jam because the road crews were doing…NOTHING!!!  
   All in all a good trip and it was great finally putting some faces to the member screen names.  It was good
meeting all of you and thanks for all you did for the rally.        

Miscellaneous pix: